Play Ball

Posted by Mark Wright on Fri 01 April 2016

Baseball season is tantalizingly close. The exhibition Bay Bridge series is under way at AT&T park. Last night Samardzija threw 5 crisp frames of one-hit-ball. He gave up a triple to Billy Burns, the first guy up for the A's, and it looked like the park had some unusual carry to right but after that first hit it was 15-up and 15-down.

Worrying about spring numbers is daft but that didn't stop me. The rotation looked wobbly but as Samardzija said after the game, spring is for getting ready.

If you haven't already, go and read A Giant Life by Brandon Crawford over at The Players Tribune. It is fantastic. He can write. I can't wait to see him flash the leather again this season. Another 21 homers would be nice too.

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